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at martinez we are proud to work with green our planet! green our planet is a non-profit organization, dedicated to igniting curiosity, creating connections to the natural world and positively impacting the futures of kids, communities and the globe. thank you for helping maintain our garden!


a message from farmer tom

Volunteer Breakfast 2

The Martinez ES garden is looking good as we round out the end of the school year, we had our last class for the school year this visit, and there was so much to learn! Students examined the amaranth leaves and radish seed pods, with the option to taste them as well, and they spent lots of time exploring the garden, picking up the lady bugs, and engaging with what is growing. I noticed that although the Kadota Figs are getting big, they are not yet ready to be harvested and need a few more weeks. There is still plenty of weeds to pull, but I grabbed some and threw them into the compost and made a quick tea from the contents.

-Farmer Tom, 5/20/22

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