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At Martinez we are proud to work with green our planet! green our planet is a non-profit organization, dedicated to igniting curiosity, creating connections to the natural world and positively impacting the futures of kids, communities and the globe. thank you for helping maintain our garden!


a message from farmer tom


February17, 2023

Greetings Martinez ES garden team!

Just when I thought it was getting warm again, this week we saw quite a storm blow in, bringing rain to the valley and snow to the hills and dropping the temperatures back into a winter setting. Thankfully the storm system had mostly blown itself out by the time of my visit, and we were able to have class out in the garden where we were able to sample a few items from the garden and talk some science in the classroom. The storm also brought with it a much needed resource for our garden that has been lacking for a few weeks now, the water in the garden has been shut off, so the lower temperatures and even the small amount of rain seem to be helping keep the beds alive right now. I spent most of my time without classes hand watering the beds from the hose bib under the nearby water fountain, and was visited both by GTL, Mrs. Velardi, as well as the head custodian, Mr. Raul, to discuss the water off situation. There is plenty of food to harvest, the cauliflower, broccoli, and chard all have edible leaves, and there are a few herbs like mint and chives that are coming back from winter's dormancy, please make yourself or your class a bowl of fresh salad with items from your garden!

-Farmer Tom 

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Check out this lesson from Green our Planet's Virtual Lessons on "How does your garden grow?"

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