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At Martinez we are proud to work with green our planet! green our planet is a non-profit organization, dedicated to igniting curiosity, creating connections to the natural world and positively impacting the futures of kids, communities and the globe. thank you for helping maintain our garden!


a message from farmer tom


The Martinez ES garden is growing so well right now, a real rebound from this past summer. Students came out and we identified ripe and unripe fruit and harvested what was ready. We observed the unripe eggplant and pomegranate and identified the smell and touch of the fallen fruit. We harvested the watermelon to be eaten on another day and shared with another class. Students sampled a couple herbs growing fresh, first identifying them with their look and smell before tasting them.

-Farmer Tom 

October 2022

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Here is an interesting video from our Virtual Academy called,

"Steps for Teaching in an Outdoor Garden"

-Farmer Tom

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